Easter Mia polish was long lasting beautiful color with no staining residue left on my nail surface upon removal a healthy alternative.

Krista Shropshall

I was very excited when Mia had mentioned about the new vegan polish she was creating, as I was experiencing an allergic reaction to normal polish.
With that being said , I have been using the new vegan polish and have had zero allergic reactions.
I find the vegan polish longer lasting, doesn't chip, chemical free and very good for the environment.
Very thankful for this new line to be able to continue getting my nails done.

Melanie Jackson

I would highly recommend this product. My feet have never been this soft. Well, maybe when I was born lol
Wear fluffy socks over the socks to keep them in place and allow you to more easily move around.Soak your feet daily after application to speed up the skin shedding process. Wait a little longer if you have particularly tough skin on your feet.
Also, there are no harsh chemicals so the smell of my feet after after was quite nice.
Thank you


I had a manicure done with a new nail polish “EasterMia. I love it” My nails are so brilliant in color and no chipping and lasting over 3 weeks. It’s Vegan formula. I would recommend this nail polish to anyone.